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By Jason Esseboom | Blog N° 1 | 08 Oct. 2021

Most of you know that I founded Joyned Capital to formalize my mission to transform athletes into smart investors. I’m adding a blog to make education accessible to every athlete that wants to learn about investments. 

If you are an athlete that’s looking to transform into a smart investor, this is for you. Even if you haven’t subscribed to my e-course on investing yet, I still want you to learn about investing. 

“By reading my blog posts, you’ll learn what I’m learning on my journey to build the most powerful community of athlete investors”

Every post will contain:

Whatever I have learned in a week, whether it is about finding, evaluating, or making deals with startups, I’ll share in my blog. So even if you are not subscribed - yet- to my investment e-courses, you can still learn about investing from my blogs. 

Do you want to know what I learned this past week working to build the most powerful community of athlete investors? 

Check out the first blog here.

See you,


PS. If you want to learn more about what we do at Joyned Capital, shoot me an email or schedule a call.

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