Together, we stand

A company for athletes,
by athletes

Why we started Joyned Capital

We are a group of former and active athletes who want “us” to do better.

Most of you have seen the news articles highlighting the financial struggles athletes face within a mere five years after hanging it up.

We believe that we can make an impact by providing athletes with the skills, tools, and mindset to change their story, our story.

Our core values

Can-do mentality

We don't judge. We analyze, act, and reflect.

Every problem has a solution.


We tell hard truths with pure intentions.

We test ideas, we don't defend them.

We operate from optimism, not fear.

We choose gaining long-term benefits over avoiding short-term pains.


Sharing wins < Sharing losses < Sharing reasoning.

We proactively share our learnings.

We operate as a sports team.

Act like everything you say and do will be outlined in tomorrow's newspaper.


We imagine, create, and iterate.

Rules are merely guidelines.

We dream big and act fast.

Continuous development

Not knowing something is a great opportunity to learn.

There is a solution for every problem, but not for every ego.

Our mental, physical, and financial health is a priority.

Mistakes are expected, as are the improvements that follow from the lessons learned

Our team

Jason Esseboom
Founder & CEO

Jason is the founder of Joyned Capital and a former athlete who found his calling outside of sports. He made it his mission to change the athletes' narrative and the face of investors in technology.

Benjamin St. Juste
Co-founder & Head of Ops

Benjamin is the co-founder of Joyned Capital and a football agent. He started supporting footballers on their investment journey when his younger brother Jeremiah established himself as a successful professional football player.

Precious Oyelade
Head of Community

Precious heads up the Community at Joyned Capital. She has built and managed international networks of VC investors, angel, mentors, and other key stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Robin Haase
Founding Partner

Robin is a Founding Partner at Joyned Capital and a professional tennis player. He owns multiple businesses and has invested across various asset classes over the past 15 years.

Jeremiah St. Juste
Founding Partner

Jeremiah is a Founding Partner at Joyned Capital and professional football player at Sporting CP. He has invested across various asset classes and has been actively helping other athletes to start their investment journey.

Calvin Jong-A-Pin
Founding Partner

Calvin is a Founding Partner at Joyned Capital and a retired professional football player. He has lived and played in Japan for 11 years, learned the language and started investing in real estate, collectibles, and startups.

Malte Binting
Founding Partner

Malte is a Founding Partner at Joyned Capital and a retired professional basketball player. He founded a startup and successfully sold it to a big company, after which he started investing across various asset classes.

Willie Overtoom
Founding Partner

Willie is a Founding Partner at Joyned Capital and a retired professional football player. After a wonderful career, Willie hung up his boots quite early to work on his life after sports, starting as a real estate developer. Since then, he invested across multiple asset classes.

Edson Braafheid
Ambassador Athlete Education

Edson represents Joyned Capital as our Ambassador for Athlete Education. Edson is a retired football player who played in the 2010 World Cup final for the Dutch national team. He co-founded two businesses and a foundation, all aimed at helping athletes, teenagers, and adults cope with personal development.

Join our team

We are building the future of financial education for athletes. We do not have any job openings right now, but if you want to build with us, let us know.